Fringe: The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon: A Musical
exists as a perfect counter-point to the suck-fest what was Carrie Potter and the Half-blood Prom. I feel somewhat guilty talking about the two in the same sentence but I just want to underscore what a difference talent, attitude, talent, effort, and talent can make when creating a fun but light-hearted show. Everything else that Carrie Potter had was also in The Blue Lagoon, only used to positive effect rather than lazily.

Writer Jonathan Padget created this little bit of fun based on the book that the movie was based on (who knew?) and staged it in a little room that seated less than fifty.The few props included a hose, kiddie pool, – the lagoon itself, don’t you know – a few suitcases and the inevitable baby. When Kathleen Mason as Emmeline breaks the fourth wall she does it by singing about how she is stranded with her cousin, her first cousin, and she’s only repeating that because it’s going to be significant. Cousin Richard is played by Matthew McGloin as a wonderfully earnest and horny teenage boy who’s happily keeping Emmeline safe… and providing some ‘swimming lessons’ in the lagoon. The point being made about first cousins is pretty well underscored by the arrival of a baby that seems to have 50% more eyesight than its parents. But hey, that just make the baby extra special. And look – Emmeline isn’t fat anymore! How about another swim, cuz?

Hopefully creator Jonathan Padget will find a way to bring The Blue Lagoon around again so some more people can see it, either in stage or some other format. Personally I think it would make a great multi-part youtube feature.

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