You Can Always Count On Family

We can always count on family, right? Well, just to keep it family-style, my niece did not come here after all. After all that hard work you, our loyal, beautiful fans went through to suggest places I could take her, she didn’t show.

I suspected the plans would change because they always do. We had not heard from my brother-in-law for a couple weeks and he neglected to return calls and emails, so I knew something was up. When we finally tracked him down a couple days ago, he said matter-of-factly that our darling niece was going to Montreal instead of DC.

Thank goodness we somehow got him to pick up the phone. It would have sucked to wait at the airport only to find that we were guestless. But that’s all par for the course with my wife’s family. I suppose my family does stuff that sticks in her craw her too. It’s part of marriage to try to live with the crap so you can enjoy the sweetness, love and tenderness.

What do your relatives and in-laws do that drives you nuts?

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