Frontline of Conversions in Clarendon

Last Friday at the Clarendon Metro Station exit, I was accosted by Frontline. No, no the PBS show, nor the flea and tick products, but the McLean Bible Church.

Now ordinarily I would get up all in their grill for proselytizing on WMATA property, no matter the religion, as Metrorail passengers need to have clear egress to and from metro stations, free of fliers from anyone shoved in their faces. But I just felt sorry for these two trying to sell Frontline’s “life-changing love of Jesus Christ”.

First, like today, it was scorching hot – I got sweaty just taking these photos. Then they had slim conversion pickings as the Orange Line chaos had Clarendon empty of passengers. Last but not least, these two were missing out on a Liberty Tavern happy hour.

Maybe Jesus was trying to tell them something.

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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