Bribed with Cucumber

As some of you know, I do a bit of teaching on the side, helping kids improve their SAT scores. That’s when I’m not writing my book, taking pictures, leading photo tours and writing in one of the many blogs I work with. So with all that free time, I take on college-bound high school students.

Here’s the hard part – my boss and colleagues sometimes read this blog. Will I get away with this? Will they see that I am writing about them? We have already lost one client because of an employee’s relationship with Wikipedia. What will happen when people see that I write about copyright infringement, my redneck wine and Buddhist cremation? Give a fellow a break. It was nowhere near as creamy as I expected, based on the name.

Today one of my students failed to show for his lesson. His father was home and explained why the lad missed our appointment and wanted to know if he could bribe me with a couple cucumbers to reschedule and not charge him the no-show fee. Reschedule? Certainly. That’s easy. Not charge the fee? I don’t know about that. I will have to get into these cucumbers and see just how good they are before I sacrifice my fee for no-shows.

The cucumbers seem okay and should make good pickles, so perhaps I will show some leniency this time. I will have to decide tomorrow, when I have time to steep them in the tasty brine and hear the student’s side of the story about why he missed the lesson.

How good would cucumbers have to be to sacrifice pay? I am not sure about that one but I am rather certain that even God couldn’t make them that good.

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