Macy’s Wedding Registry Runaround

Macy's Bridal Registry Kiosk
Now that the Betrothed Butterbean and I are in the full grips of the Bridal-Industrial Complex, I get to spend my lunch hours registering at area retailers.

Today’s mass marketer was Macy’s at the Pentagon City Mall and I was not impressed.

Unlike Crate and Barrel, where you can register and get a bar code gun in 3 minutes flat, the Macy’s bridal rep informed us it would take 20 minutes to register and we would need to make an appointment first!

We did not need the upsell, or to pick a “wedding theme” or a china & bedding ensemble consultation. We did not need an appointment and twenty minutes to fill out our names and get a price tag wand. What we needed was service, which Macy’s was in short supply of today.

But the wedding register clerk had plenty of time for herself. After we walked off in a huff, I noticed she was chatting with floor staff and messing about, clearly not expecting those that need assistance scanning in Waterford Crystal or Egyptian cotton sheets.

And with that attitude, Macy’s lost our bridal business. Has it lost yours?

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