Be a Gentleman, Even on Metro

Thank you to this woman who reminds us guys to be mindful of where our eyes stray. It’s the time of year for spaghetti-strap things and midriff-exposing things, so fellas, I beg you on behalf of the women out there who are just trying to get from here to there: Quit gawking. Be a gentleman for crying out loud.

Inspired by this Craigslist MC:

Eyes up here, buddy – w4m – 28

You: Tall, lanky guy listening to iPod, staring at my breasts with a dazed look on your face.
Me: Slightly offended, slightly flattered.
Did we have a missed connection or were you the only one getting off on the red line?

Yes, I admit it. I love reading the missed connections. The thought of loves that may have been is a sad one, but the hope expressed in this part of CL is very inspiring. And now and then there is a moral story going on in the middle of it all, like this.

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