Ineptness at Comcast

Today was my install date for the CableCards that I ranted about earlier this week. My window for install was 3-6pm today, and as of 6:15 when no one had showed, I called Comcast. I was told, then, that they would have someone there within minutes. At 6:50, when no one had showed, I called again, and told the technician was 40 minutes out. At 8:00, when no one was there, I called again, and was told he was coming at 8:30.

So, when he got there at 8:40, bearing only apologies for having bad cablecards, I was pretty upset. Why you would go out on a call with Cable Cards that were marked with bright pink stickers with BAD written on them, I’m not exactly sure, but that’s what Comcast did tonight.

Folks, what they’re doing, through their neglect of their responsibilities is practically criminal. Give us the cards, give us support to make them work, but don’t treat us like we’re not customers because we want better than the crappy DVR box you provide. The difference between the two is night and day, and frankly, if I’m gonna pay for the nice gear, you should at least have the common decency to just turn over the cards and make it work.

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