That’s a Man, Baby!

Virginia Grace Soto

Actually, no she’s not.

In what appears to be yet another major screw up by our fine DC police department, the Washington Post is reporting that a woman was mistakenly booked as a man for “suspicion of prostitution”. Despite her insisting that she was very much a woman, Ms. Virginia Grace Soto was held in a male detention area and allowed to shower with male inmates…”even after she was strip-searched”. It wasn’t until later that a doctor examined her and determined that yes, she was in fact a woman.

Now I’m sure that there are many ways that an androgynous person could be mixed up with the other sex, but when nine jail employees fail to realized that this he is really a she, there is something definitely wrong with the system. The good news I suppose is that three of those employees have been let go.

I’ve lived in DC for a few years now, and I feel comfortable in saying that our police force, while competent in many ways, has way too many incidents that lead us to believe otherwise. Is there any way to solve this? Can’t we hire someone to do a complete overhaul of our police force? Clean out the officers that aren’t performing? Find a way to recruit better officers? I guess I should just shrug my shoulders and say, “That’s life in the big city.”

Photo by DC Police

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