My ANSWER to Protest Signs: Removal

The ANSWER protest sign drama continues as the anti-war group hides behind the First Amendment in its defacement of Washington DC public property.

Yesterday the Department of Public Works fined the ANSWER coalition $10,000 for posting hundreds of signs to promote a peace march September 15 that were illegally affixed to utility boxes, using glue that was too sticky, exceeded the number of signs allowed per block, and not registering copies with the DPW.

Today ANSWER responded that it would counter-sue, claiming that the DC government fined them in a “politically motivated” bid to silence their efforts against the war in Iraq.

Let me be one of the many to call “bullshit” on ANSWER coalition position. Slapping up ugly-ass posters on every inanimate object in the city, violating very clear anti-graffiti rules that every other protest organization follows, is not Free Speech. Nor would the content be what pisses off the citizens of Washington.

ANSWER forgets that DC is majority Democrat and in general does not condone the idiot in the White House, and is very much against the war in Iraq. More importantly, they forget that they are guests in DC, and defacing our city isn’t the way to treat guests hosts.

So I’d like to send ANSWER a message. I’d like you to join me in removing ANSWER signs and sending the detritus to ANSWER’s HQ at 1247 E St. SE, Washington, DC 20003. Better yet, give them an earful while you do it on (202) 544-3389.

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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