Death of the $10 Haircut, but Rescued by Michael

Michael's Barber Shop 13-08-07_1136

I had been getting $10 haircuts since I was a lad until a few years ago, when apparently scissor or Barbicide prices went up and the cheapest I could find was $12. My colleague recently paid $50 to get his hair cut. It looked good but guess what that expensive hairdo will do as fast as any other? It will grow out.

Why pay more than you have to?

I finally resigned myself to the 20% price increase and went to Michael’s Barber Shop on St. Elmo Street in Bethesda, just a block over from my office. I wanted to ask for the $10 children’s haircut advertised on their sign but was afraid I might end up with a bowl cut.

Michael, the fellow who runs the place, was a delight to talk to during the process. I got there before the lunch rush and had a leisurely time chatting with him and his colleague. Hell of a guy, that Michael. Very interesting person.

He did a great job on my ‘do and I now feel well coiffed. What do you think? I went from shaggy and unkempt, like Phil Spector, to clean-cut and handsome, like Cmdr. Rabb. How much better could it get? All this for just $12.

Where do you go for a bargain haircut?

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