Who wears short shorts?

I was riding Metro one recent hot day and saw something I really did not need to see. You know the type of situation – a hot day in a car with no air conditioning and you seem to sick to everything you touch. It had been miserable from early morning and by the end of the day, the heat seemed to have built up to riot-inducing levels on the train.

One fellow was wearing those thin, short running shorts and had his feet up on the seat next to him. I was not looking for this, mind you, but it was pretty obvious that his “boys” were hanging out right there on the train, in front of God and everyone. Assuming that God uses public transportation.

The woman sitting across from him smiled at me, as if mocking this guy who was probably just trying to cool his loins after a hard day of whatever he does that requires wearing shorts like that. It was not clear if he knew he was letting it all hang out or not, but I am sure it felt better than letting the heat build up even more.

Fellow Metro riders – we have a couple more hot days ahead of us. Please dress appropriately for the comfort of the other riders. We all want to cool off, but that is what “pants optional Friday” is for. And that’s just for the office.

As a side note, my lovely wife dared me to write this without using the term “nut sack.” I am proud to have almost succeeded.

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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