DC Gun Battle

Well, a battle over guns anyway. At 10am this morning Mayor Fenty had a press conference to talk about moving forward with challenging the overturn on the gun ban. The WaPo article on it is light, but the ever-excellent SCOTUSBlog has more details and links. Of note there is a link to the actual filing [pdf] as well as some interesting observations about today’s filing, particularly this:

The petition raises a single question: “Whether the Second Amendment forbids the District of Columbia from banning private possession of handguns while allowing possession of rifles and shotguns.”

Worded that way, the question appears to offer the Justices an option of deciding the case on narrow grounds, limited to the urban setting of a single city with a history of handgun-related violence, with citizens still able to have some other kinds of guns for self-defense in case of need.

Fenty et all waited right down to the wire on this; the (extended) deadline to file expired tomorrow. Seems like they’re covering their bases, making sure that if they do fail to get the ruling overturned then they’ll at least make use of the stay for as much time as possible.

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