How was your commute today?

Its the first day back for many people today after summer vacations. The first day of school for kids, the first day of work for adults.

To celebrate, the WashPost went all hyperbole with its Commuters’ Vacations to End With a Screeching of Brakes story in the Metro section, scaring us with:

Add that to the 1.73 million people who drive to work alone, population growth that has outpaced spending on roads and transit, and general post-vacation doldrums, and the region’s traffic snarls will resume where they left off before the start of summer.

According to census figures for last year, the Washington region’s average commute was the second-longest in the United States, at more than 33 minutes each way.

But is that what you experienced today? I sure didn’t. My commute to work was a breeze and heading home shouldn’t be a problem either.

How did your trip go? Did you get Brownpau luck too?

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