Was ANSWER’s Anti-War Protest Effective?

anti-war protest

That’s the question I ask thinking about today’s march on the Capitol – was it effective?

First, did “thousands” of protesters change anyone’s mind? From what Michelle Boorstein says, I don’t think so:

Things got ugly for several blocks along Pennsylvania Ave., where war supporters, held back by metal barricades, wore T-shirts, held signs and screamed things at protesters that frequently were obscene.

On the corner of 10th street, two middle-aged men wearing white T-shirts emblazoned with a soldier’s photo shouted obscenities at the top of their lungs in the face of a young man wearing full camouflage and a bandana covering all of his face except his eyes.

And then we have to wonder if it motivated anyone to take action more and/or more effectively than before, no matter what their ultimate goal might be from that action.

Do you think there will be a new groundswell of voter-action? New conversations with new people in homes, churches, or civic groups? Did the protesters at least do a sit-in until they met with their Congressman?

Probably not. Most Congressmen were back home with 4 days off for Rosh Hashana and I dare to say that most protesters did what they do best today: scream and shout like the woman loco_moco witnessed:

I heard the most profanities from a large, middle-aged woman counterprotestor with a big bullhorn. As I was passing, she suddenly lunged over the barrier and tried to smite somebody with it. She had to be restrained by her compatriots.

I’d make that “patriots” but I wouldn’t call her very effective. She’s just one step up from ineffectual protesters I protest.

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