Car Free DC!

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Well, were you car free on your morning commute? Did you pass Tommy Wells (Ward 6) Car Free Challenge? I know I did, I ran into work at my new job.

As I ran, I wondered how they came about naming today “CarFree DC Day”. Might they have read my “Good Idea: Car-free DC” post, itself a copy of a Craigslist ad?

Probably not, since they have a whole usage model around car + free that is way more complicated that I could ever be:

  • Carfree (adj.): Refers to “World Carfree Day”
  • CarFree (n.): Refers to “CarFree DC”
  • Car-free (adj.): Describing a car free way of being
  • Car free (n. + adj.): To be free of cars

Sheesh, they make it so complex I just wanna drive away.

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