Petworth Eyesore in the Washington Post

In another victory for citizen journalism (I hope), the constant coverage of the Petworth Eyesore by the Prince of Petworth and me may have finally paid off with a front page article in the Washington Post: New Rowhouse Rooflines Raising Eyebrows in D.C.

Paul Schwartzman took up the challenge of Petworth’s stunningly bad roofline additions, “pop-ups”, that are blighting the neighborhood with visual pollution with deft and due diligence, even getting the Pertwoth Eyesore owner to comment:

Anthony Cornish, the developer who is converting the single-family home to a condominium, said he used siding for the third floor because “brick is more expensive.”

The property needed a wholesale alteration, he said, because he is constructing two duplexes and wants it to look like an apartment building.

As for aesthetics, Cornish said the building, when it is complete, will be far superior to the dilapidated, vacant property he bought last year for $425,000. “To each his own,” he said of those who object to such additions. “If they don’t like it, they should have gone and bought it themselves.”

If the neighbourhood knew he was going to deface our community with his “pop-up” which looks like its going to pop-off, I am sure we would have. For everyone who lives here says just this:

“It makes me so sick I want to scream,” said Avis Anderson, a neighborhood resident and a real estate broker

If you want to scream too, the Petworth Eyesore is at 4143 New Hampshire Avenue, at Upshur. Don’t worry, you will not miss it.

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