NYC: "OK, DC, You’re Hip Now."

New York Times caught on, so the rest of the world will know: DC is now officially considered “hip.” (Hat tip for the link: skunkgal.) Helene Cooper seems quite enamored mostly with (1) the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian and its Mitsitam Cafe, and (2) the fact that fashionable DC people who rub elbows with those in power talk a lot about politics and world affairs.

Cooper seems to draw a causal relationship between the rising Democratic majority and the emergence of DC fashion, but we’ve known for years that DC is fashionable, predating even recent trends in urban regentrification. Just take a gander at Project Beltway, Panda Head, DC Pleats, DC Style Mag, and of course, that worthy pinnacle of Washington chic, DC Goodwill Fashion Blog. We here know our stuff, and oh, how we strut it:

Khakis and blue shirts

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