Metroverheard: Child Abuse

TrnDoors.jpg Red Line, Union Station. “Doors closing” chime sounds just as a woman with a child in a stroller is struggling a bit to get the stroller onto the train. She’s only part of the way in when the doors close right on the stroller, which is fortunately strong enough to withstand the pressure, leaving the baby unharmed. Now, we all know that unlike elevator doors train doors do not retract when they strike an object so please, etc., etc. but I try and push the doors apart from outside while another man inside does the same.

The doors open again and the mother and stroller get in. (As an added bonus, I’m able to get in too.) Mother is relieved, baby is oblivious to any incident, everything seems okay.

“Red Line, next stop, Judiciary Square,” comes the train operator’s voice Then, a slightly flippant woman’s voice sounds through the train P.A.:

“Ma’am, that’s child abuse.”

Smiles, some laughter.

But then I thought to myself, What the hell? The mother was trying to get on, and they were the ones who closed the door on her. If anyone abused children that day it sure wasn’t that Mom.

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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