Virgin America vs. United Economy Plus

virgin america vs united

I am headed out to San Francisco the first week of November for my new job. Since I am a Premier Executive on United, I automatically get an Economy Plus upgrade and 9,500 frequent flyer miles.

But with the new Virgin America flights from IAD to SFO, I am willing to experiment. But only to a point. My boss wants me to be productive for the five hour flight over and the Betrothed Butterbean wants me to be productive when I get back Saturday morning so I have two deal-breakers to a switch:

  • I need to work the whole flight to SF, and this means using a laptop. On UA’s Economy Plus seat, I can get my T60 open and have room to type in a semi-comfortable fashion. I also often can get exit rows or first rows due to status.
  • I take red eyes back to IAD and I know I can usually sleep a few hours in a UA EP seat at the window. The recline pitch is just enough and the flexible headrests keep me from neck aches.

Now I don’t care for the inflight entertainment, work and sleep are higher priorities, and my laptop batteries will last a whole flight, so the Virgin America inflight games, electrical plugs, and even snacks on call are not decision points.

So that makes me ask those who have flown Virgin America:

  1. Can you use a laptop in a VA main cabin seat?
  2. Does the VA seat experience allow for decent shut-eye?
  3. And is the $25 extra for an exit row or first isle seat worth it?

Bonus if you can compare your Virgin America experience with United’s Economy Plus.

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