New Taxi Cab Fare Structure Announced

$4 to start, $0.25 per sixth of a mile traveled.

Some sample fares to give examples. I’ve used Google Maps to get the route taken, recognizing that perhaps other mapping utilities may use different routes, and that DC cabbies may well get you lost and not know where the heck they’re going. Old Fare is calculated using the website’s Taxi Fare Calculator, recognizing that DC Cabbies may lie to you about how many zones you actually traversed.

Union Station to Georgetown: 5.3 Miles

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New Fare: $11.75
Old Fare: $8.80 or 11.00 depending on whether or not they count the line as inside the zone or across it.

Metro Center to Adams Morgan: 2.2 Miles

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New Fare: $7.25
Old Fare: $8.80

National Zoo to New DC Stadium: 5.6 Miles

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New Fare: $12.25
Old Fare: $11

Branch & Pennsylvania to Catholic Univ.: 7.7mi

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New Fare: $15.25
Old Fare: $14.00

I dunno what the heck the cabbies are all pissed about, this looks like a raise to me…

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