Jack Bauer Spotted in Georgetown

The only person on the planet who can possibly kick more ass than Jack Bauer is Chuck Norris, but unlike Chuck, Jack is smart enough to never venture into Texas. He prefers to use brains over brawn but isn’t afraid to bust out his glock if one of his hot girlfriends is being kidnapped by terrorists, if his dumb, hot daughter has gotten herself into trouble, or if POTUS asks for him by name in desperate time of need. Jack Bauer is perhaps the most dedicated US citizen to ever serve this great country, and it’s been rumored that he is walking amongst us.

In an effort to add some legitimacy to the show, the producers of “24” have decided to actually film some scenes in DC. After all, the show is centered around the President (who for some reason seems to spend a lot of time in L.A.), so it makes sense to start integrating some DC scenes into the show. I only hope that they don’t try to pull some TV trickery by having Jack run into the Georgetown Metro stop and somehow pop up inside of the White House. DC is watching you, “24”. Let’s try to make this season better than the last or you may be losing your viewership to “Heroes”.

Photo by kmf164.

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