The Sick Red Line

SickCust.jpg 8:30 AM this morning — rush hour. Red Line trains are running full and slow, with that jerky stop-start motion that throws people off balance and into each other. Finally, at Gallery Place, the train simply stops, and the dreaded announcement sounds: “This train will hold at Gallery Place due to a sick customer at Dupont Circle. Trains are currently single-tracking at Dupont Circle. We will be moving momentarily.”

And we all know how often “momentarily” on Metro actually means “in a moment.”

The Not-a-Good-Day on the Red Line never ended — the track problems and speed restrictions are not only still there, but are now compounded by similar track issues between Judiciary Square and Gallery Place. Since then there’s been something almost every day: deer yesterday, sick customer today.

As it has for years, Metro continues to show signs of age and chronic illness. A sick transport system means a not-so-great commute. The way the Metro’s going these days, it would be wise to leave for work fifteen minutes earlier every morning. Hopefully you’re all waking up an hour earlier now that Daylight Saving Time is over for the year.

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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