Backed up Like a Cheap Commode Redux

Was anyone else caught in the large CF on the Chain Bridge this morning? It was backed up like a cheap commode because people coming from Virginia into DC were following the usual workday morning traffic patterns, using two lanes on the bridge, but were forced to merge at the stoplight in DC at Canal Road. Canal Road coming west to the bridge is working on a holiday schedule, not jibing a darned bit with how it normally is at that time.

This type of thing has concerned me in the past because the likelihood of everything getting crapped up is really quite high when you think about the amount of information on the signs and the speed you are going when you are supposed to read and integrate all the information. It lists which lanes are drivable depending on the time of day, day of week and whether or not it is a holiday. Lots of decision points there, especially the last part. Is today a holiday? For the postal workers, yes. For the garbage collectors and me, no.

If you usually take this bridge, I highly recommend going a different route on the way home because you will surely experience a similar problem. Also that will make it easier for me because I am likely to forget to go a different way when I try to leave my place of employment this afternoon.

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