OLPC News Washington DC Meetup on Wednesday

OLPC Children’s Machine XO

Are you excited about a “$100 laptop” for children? Have you heard about One Laptop Per Child? Might you even be a Give One Get One participant?

Then you’ll be excited to learn that Wednesday night you’ll have the chance to play with a XO-1 laptop at the much-anticipated:

OLPC News Washington DC Meetup
at RFD in Chinatown (map)
Wednesday, November 14, 2007 @ 6pm

Jonathan Blocksom and I are organizing a geek-out with BTest-1 and BTest-4 OLPC XO laptops.

If you have your own OLPC XO, Classmate PC, Asus Eee PC, or other low-cost computing option, bring it out. We can have a full on laptop shoot-out.

But don’t think One Laptop Per Child’s clock-stopping hot technology will be upstaged. As the many G1G1 XO laptop buyers will confirm, when it comes to educational computing for children, there is no equal to OLPC.

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