Larouchie.jpg Here’s something we just don’t see as often as we used to in DC: LaRouchies handing out their Master’s literature, singing baroque choruses and casting the requisite aspersions on Cheney, Gore, Rohatyn, and the British monarchy. The night I took this photo it was just one guy, giving out EIR magazines muttering something about Pelosi and the British.

Not all has been well in the strange, conspiracy-ridden world of Lyndon Larouche since the head of his print house tragically jumped off a bridge last April, driven to suicide by an internal memo castigating the organization’s “boomer” followers for lacking the vision of his youth movement’s wide-eyed, wild-eyed younger members. Comrade Lyn is getting old, not running for president this year, barely able to keep his cult together as he rails against the internet for leading his flock astray.

Larouche.jpg This of course bodes quite well for those of us who are tired of seeing those “Sexual Congress of Cultural Fascism” and “Al Gore – the Naked Truth about Global Warming” blowup sandwich boards and “card table shrines” at schools, Metro entrances, protest marches, and along Connecticut Ave NW. As that particular herd wises up, thins out, and loses ever more funding, the DC streets stand to gain some respite from at least one source of incessant conspiratorial catastrophist ranting.

If you like rubbernecking this particular train wreck as much as I do, you’ll love these links:

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