No Blimp Flyover

Who is Rori Paul?There was word that the Ron Paul Blimp was going to do a DC flyover this week, possibly for their Thursday 9AM rally at the Federal Reserve, but we can now confirm that this is definitely not happening. This RonPaulForums thread cites “weather and FAA restrictions” for the change-of-plan; apparently the argument that “the First Amendment applies to airships” lost out to the prospect of being shot down or fined for violating the Flight Restriction Zone around the DC area without prior authorization.

The blimp, though now nearing completion, has been delayed incessantly due to weather and logistics issues, originally slated for launch between Wednesday and Friday last week, then delayed to Monday this week, then delayed again to Friday. It normally takes months to prepare an airship for an ad campaign, but the volunteers behind the initiative have impressively thrown it together in just a couple of weeks, all the while managing to circumvent campaign finance law by incorporating as a political advertising firm — albeit one whose sole service is to advertise Ron Paul‘s name on an Airship Management Services blimp — from whom supporters can “purchase” advertising time beyond the regular individual or PAC donation limits. Whether this loophole is really valid remains up in the air. Like a blimp. Oh, the humanity.

Update: The Federal Reserve rally was “postponed indefinitely,” and the blimp is no longer going to Boston.

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