More theater options for the wee ones

This Saturday the Shakespeare Theater is going to join the distinguished crowd of local theaters offering material for families interested in taking their kids out for some something a little different than Alvin and the Chimpmunks Get Neutered 7: Totally Nuts. On the Eve of Friday Morning is a play written by local Norman Allen that’s meant for audiences 8 and up. It sounds like a good story regardless of your age, in fact, and I’m sorry that getting Wayan married off is going to keep me from going to see it.

In Iran, Nassrin’s father has been imprisoned for teaching banned books. While Nassrin waits for word of his release, her mother tells the ancient Persian tale of Mushkil Gusha, one customarily told before the Friday holy day. Through the magic of storytelling, Nassrin steps into the story, where she meets Bahad, a boy from a thousand years ago. Together they meet unusual characters, visit worlds beyond the clouds, and learn the ways of the mysterious Mushkil Gusha. On her adventure, Nassrin discovers the importance of passing on good fortune to those in need.

The show’s going to run from the 12th through the 19th with school performances during the week. The shows for the public will be on January 12 at 11 a.m and January 13 and 19 at 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. and tickets will be $15.

If you’d like to go a little above and beyond, there’ll be an opening celebration at 1:30pm this Saturday for $75 which will “include a performance of On the Eve of Friday Morning and a special post-performance reception featuring food and activities that celebrate Persian culture.”

Sidney Harman Hall
610 F Street NW (at the corner of Sixth and F Streets NW)

Interested individuals should call the box office at 202.547.1122. Interested school groups should contact Group Sales at 202.547.1122, option 5.

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