Bicyclist Nailed With "Abusive Driving" fee for over $1,000


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While this story is set in Newport News, VA, I can certainly see this happening in Arlington or Fairfax, and the uproar would be significant. Here’s what happened. Kajuan Cornish was riding his bicycle across Warwick Boulevard in Newport News. Think Glebe Road. Think Route 7. That’s the kind of road this was. Here’s the details:

Officer George Evans said drivers had to slow down to avoid hitting Cornish when he crossed the intersection and that he would have written a warning if not the ticket.

“If he gets hit, then we have a mess,” Evans said, adding that as a citizen, he thinks the abusive driver fees are too high, but also out of his control.

Now, here’s where it get absolutely fucking crazy. Cornish was convicted of reckless driving, which comes with a $1,050 civil penalty in accordance with the David Albo Employment Act.

This is an absolute mess. Repeal the damn act already, VA legislature.

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