Rates to be lower, whining just as intense

WaPo reports that Fenty and the Taxicab commission have announced rates for the new meter system that will be lower that previously estimated. Instead of a $4 ‘drop rate’ (ie, the cost of simply getting in and sitting down, before going anywhere) it’ll be $3 and, best of all, the inane rush hour and phenomenally inane additional passenger surcharges will be dropped.

As you can imagine, the taxi drivers are responding to this news with all the calm and maturity they’ve been bringing to the table since day one.

In another uncharacteristic sane move, the current forcible sphincter enlargement guideline of allowing doubling of zone fares during snow emergency conditions will make way to a 25% increase of the meter-displayed fare.

I actually wouldn’t have much issue with a significant increase in fares during a snow emergency, but if you check the guidelines on the Taxicab commission’s website[pdf] you find that ’emergency’ doesn’t mean the same thing to you and I that it does to a cab.

Snow emergency fare periods shall begin at such times as the Chairperson makes a public announcement that snow emergency fares are authorized. The Chairperson shall make that announcement when informed by the Department of Public Works that it is necessary to dispatch snow plows.


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