Warm Hearts in the Snow

Alexandria has recently started its “Snow Buddies” program, which helps low-income elderly and disabled people by using volunteers to clear snow from their sidewalks and driveways. Interested in signing up to help? Need help with your shoveling? Please contact the Office of Citizen Assistance at (703) 838-4800.

I think this is a heck of an idea. Battling the elements is enough of a nightmare for those of us who are young, strong and able-bodied. I can’t imagine dealing with the hellish snow without my youthful strength and vigor.

Read on for the full press release:

The City of Alexandria and the Alexandria Volunteer Bureau (AVB) have teamed up on a program called “Snow Buddies,” to provide snow removal assistance for homeowners or occupants with low incomes who are elderly or disabled. The City and AVB will match eligible residents with volunteers who may shovel snow for those needing assistance.

Residents are strongly encouraged to apply for this program in advance to ensure that their sidewalks are cleared in a timely fashion to avoid fines and/or snow removal charges.

The City cannot guarantee that volunteers and/or assistance will be available during a snow emergency; however, during snow emergencies, the Office of Citizen Assistance (703.838.4800 or TTY 703.838.5056) is available to provide guidance to residents in need of snow removal.

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