Good Takeout for the Flu?

I wonder what time Oprah comes on? I haven’t watched her show in years. I remember watching her when I was a kid and thinking she was soooo cool. Isn’t she like the richest woman on the planet now? I wonder if she’ll ever run for president? That would be crazy. President Winfrey. I think I’d move to Australia at that point…

Oh hi, DC! I didn’t know you were there. My brain is in a little bit of a fog at the moment. I seem to have caught some sort of cold or flu that’s left me bedridden for the past two days. As if my flu aches weren’t enough, laying in bed makes me even more achy. Seriously, I have a question for you though. What’s the best takeout food for a sicko like me? I really don’t want to leave my house, otherwise I’d go to Whole Foods for a giant bowl of their chicken noodle soup. Do you have any suggestions? My ailing body would really appreciate it.

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