King Cakes, Gumbo, Etouffee, Anyone?

I know I am ready for some fun on this sacred day of drunkenness and earning beads with acts of public nudity. My plans? Today I am at work in Bethesda, which is not really much of a party town. It’s an okay place but people here seem a bit afraid of the prospect of too much fun. Let’s not let it get too out of control. A nice, slow pattern of breathing is more appropriate than wheezing from running through the cool morning air shirtless and intoxicated, which is why you might do that in the first place.

Who has the scoop for area Mardi Gras celebrations? What’s a hot place to go? I just learned of one thing going on. The Westover Supermarket in Arlington at 5863 Washington Blvd. will have a jazz quintet starting around 7:00. In case you have never been there, they also have one of the largest retail beer selections I have ever seen in such a small market.

What are your plans for this day of celebration and debauchery? And where can a guy get a king cake around these parts?

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