Valentine’s Madness, Day One

Expensive Roses

Yep, all the florists are in on it. They know you need to buy roses to keep from sleeping in the doghouse on Valentine’s Day. Come on – $65 for a box of a dozen roses that will end up in my compost bin after a few days? I seriously doubt the lasting effects of a box of roses. Call me unromantic, but to me a whole rose bush, three of which are on the way to my home right now, is even better because it produces roses one after another, giving glorious blooms like they were penny candy. Yet a whole rose bush isn’t a romantic gift.

I once dated a woman who said that she would be really happy if I got her a dozen roses or else a single rose, but that half a dozen wasn’t romantic at all. Neither was two dozen. A whole room full of them and you are back to romantic. I never understood this logic but other women have confirmed its validity.

All this leaves me confused about the nature of romantic gifts. Things that show care, such as road flares, reflective vests or a good pair of shoe insoles aren’t romantic, even though they would last longer than cut flowers or candy. Flowers and candy really have the message of zooming to the express lane to get in someone’s pants, yet they are the traditional romantic gifts.

What are you getting your sweetie for Valentine’s Day? What does it mean to you?

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