Shaaaaaaane! – The Pogues rock the house!

If there was a house band at the gates of hell, The Pogues would probably be who you’d hear playing…. and you’d like it! I have to say, I wasn’t a big Pogues fan, but I do have a musicological interest in the origins of modern music. To that avail, I had the pleasure of taking in the Pogues on Monday front row center at the 9:30 Club to a knock down drag out drunken musical joyfest which DC has yet to equal. If the opener, the macabre Urban Voodoo Machine didn’t get the place started, Shane and Co. put the place into over drive in a frenzied selection of 25 songs (albeit, the setlist was repeated from Sunday). While few of the members (Shane included) looked a bit worse for wear, they delivered what the audience so needed to hear. I was wondering if I’d leave with a boot impression to the chest or head, but the crowd was into it, and the fans, given the shows have been sold out for months, held true to their desire to see, what according to Q Magazine, is one of the “50 Bands to See Before You Die”… the entire evening did not disappoint. Lets hope they come ’round again for an encore or two!


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