The Supremes host the would-be shooter

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’re aware of DC’s gun ban being argued before the Supreme Court today.  I’m looking forward to seeing what the scene outside must have looked like. I took my Dad to the tour of the chambers last week – when they were not in session – and it’s amazing how small the gallery is. I can only imagine that the people who got to come in and watch the proceedings had to have gotten in line far before this morning’s session.

Marc Fisher has a rundown of some of the points the arguments might pivot on in his column today, but for me the fun reading is over at SCOTUSBlog, where Lyle Denniston has a recap of the proceedings.  There’s not a lot of surprises in there – Ginsburg and Souter seem sympathetic to the District’s case, Scalia and Thomas not so much. To the Justices’ credit, they supposedly seemed entirely unmoved by the suggestion that the 2nd Amendment didn’t apply to DC as the federal capital rather than a state in and of itself. I am somewhat disgusted that the District would put that forth as a position at all, given how many other implications it could have.

If Denniston is right in his read of their tone, it sounds like the court is willing to take a sweeping position on the 2nd Amendment’s general meaning.

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