Redskins Decimate Father’s Legacy

Asshat Dan Snyder We got some email this weekend that left me utterly appalled with the Redskins Management. Suffice it to say that, if this is true, the Redskins have some real work to do with regard to fan-support and fan-management. It’s bad enough that Tickets are so expensive, but to both charge a $100 name-change fee AND strike ticket-accounts while a family’s in crisis?

Wow. That’s pretty low.

My father, who recently passed, has been a season ticket holder since 1961; 12 tickets used by family and friends (one of whom in a high DC postion). Since his passing I’ve managed the account. This year’s payment was received by the Redskins 3 weeks late. I was just notified that they have REVOKED OUR TICKETS!

I spoke with Jason Friedman who claimed “letters, emails and postcards” were sent home. NOTHING WAS SENT! I plan on fighting this but I really don’t know how– the Redskins claim all rights to do anything they want.

Our account’s address is still my father’s and his name is still on the account. As his son, I can take over but the Redskins charge a non-refundable $100 per ticket transfer of name fee. That’s $1200 that I don’t have lying around.

With the economy the way it is, the ticket holders didn’t get the money to me as quickly as normal– I expected maybe a late fee or some penalty but never this…This seems like new big business running out the old, working RFK middle class fan base that Snyder profits from.

Maybe others are feeling this too but it’s not like they never received payment. It’s a $14,000 account. Three weeks late and out??

Just ludicrous.

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