Beat the Heat with Ice Cream, not Gelato

Gelato - Not as Good as Ice CreamFellow Metroblogging DC writer amandaa and I have been tossing around some ideas for a summer series on the best ice cream in the District and surrounding areas. What better way to cool off on these hot, sultry days that plague this area? To those who like fancy-sounding potentially evil ice cream alternatives, I have to ask: What the hell is the deal with gelato? It’s not ice cream, not an Italian ice and certainly doesn’t come in flavors I understand.

Please help me understand this difference. Better yet, if you have a favorite gelato spot, please let me know. I am will to try it again, but the stuff I got at the cafe under the National Gallery of Art fell short of the mark for being what I would call good or tasty. In fact, I threw out half of it. If you have seen me near ice cream, you know that never happens.

So is gelato really worth pursuing or is my intuition right that it is simply genetically inferior to ice cream?

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