No, it’s NOT really J-Walking…

DC Crosswalk - Uploaded by pflugis on 27 Jun 08, 10.40AM EDT.
Dear Ms. D-DOT Employee,

While in our right to be impatient pedestrians, we do appreciate the (hard) work it is to direct traffic that you perform. I realize you’re there to (possibly) protect us from those bad motorists, but we are all adults, and we realize that we can walk on our own accord. It is truly what separates us from the common beasties of this planet we call Earth. So when you threaten a number of people crossing early at the cross walk at 17th and I this morning, do you really think it’d stick? Before you flaunt your power over space, time and that Honda Accord that didn’t stop correctly at the intersection, try to remember your own laws that you’re trying to enforce, and realize it’s “crossing against the signal”  and not actually J-Walking. Hey, but we love you anyways!


John Q. Pedestrian

P.S. Your braids are no match to the neon pink swirled hairdo sported by a Metro employee at the Glenmont Station this morning. w00t!

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