Welcome to We Love DC!

freedom_1.jpg Welcome, everyone, to We Love DC!

We’re going to be doing this a little bit differently than other blogs have done it. We’re going to be focusing on feature length content for our site, with an emphasis also on the hyperlocal microblogging. You can see that we have two columns here. The column in which this post is listed will be for featured entries, many of which are in the style of a recurring column, but there will also be coverage of news & events as they happen here.

The second column, called the Daily Feed, will be more oriented around the little local things we see happening all the time. The great photos we capture on the street, the news stories that just need to be posted. But sometimes, that picture’s just worth all 1000 words, and we won’t go all James Joyce on some of those posts.

Who are we, exactly? Well, most of us have been DC Bloggers in one form or another for years. This blog is the result of some hard work by a lot of people. We’ll have full introduction posts for each author (we’ve got a special feature planned) in the next week, starting Monday. You’ll recognize a lot of familiar faces if you’ve been reading Metroblogging DC. Don, Tiff, Max, Wayan, Ben, Carl, and others. You’ll also get to meet some new folks, including Paulo (our awesome WordPress master) and John Athayde (whose design is represented here).

We’re not finished implementing features and design elements just yet, but we felt we have a pretty good start here already. If you’ve got suggestions, or, even better, want to join us, please put something in the comments. If something’s not working right for you, please let us know.

And Happy Independence Day, everyone!

Armed Freedom, courtesy of the Architect of the Capitol

I live and work in the District of Columbia. I write at We Love DC, a blog I helped start, I work at Technolutionary, a company I helped start, and I’m happy doing both. I enjoy watching baseball, cooking, and gardening. I grow a mean pepper, keep a clean scorebook, and wash the dishes when I’m done. Read Why I Love DC.

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9 thoughts on “Welcome to We Love DC!

  1. Hey Tom-

    I look forward to following you guys now on We Love DC as I’ve been reading you guys for quite some time on MBDC. Maybe you’re already doing this, but are you working with outside.in to get broader readership for your articles by registering with them? A pretty easy way to provide hyper-local content with a simple tag. That, or provide your readers with the same possibility so that those of us living in the various neighborhoods can compliment your content in maybe a special “Reader Submitted” section.

    Just some thoughts… good luck!

  2. Brad,

    We will definitely look into what it takes to work with outside.in to get their coding and ours more closely matched up. Their methods for tagging are a little hinky and could serve to confuse our readership, so we may try to work with them on category-based locational tagging.

    We will *definitely* be looking to add Reader Submitted content. By all means don’t hesitate to get in touch with information, or story suggestions. You can always email me directly at tom at welovedc dot com.

  3. Welcome to your new digs! (I don’t know how MBDC will carry on, but…) I look forward to seeing what you do with this space!

  4. How long until we get an advertisement for Wayan’s washing machine here?

  5. We’re aiming for never, but I can’t guarantee he won’t try to peddle his old little black book now that he’s married with children.

    On the upside that WOULD be more locally focused…

  6. Was the Daily Feed conceived as a place to stuff Wayan? It *does* seem to be just about his speed.

    (and so I’m not all-slagging, all-the-time, congrats Wayan and Amy on your happy news!)

  7. Branching out on your own is fine, but the classless way every single one of you promoted your new site on MBDC was completely uncalled for. I truly wish you all the best. But starting off by trying to injure someone else’s blog for your own gain does not refelct well on any of you.

    good luck

  8. When that statue was removed for refurbishing sometime in the 1990s, it was taken off by a sky crane on Saturday morning. I rolled over in bed looked at the window and just caught it flying past the window.