The final word on the Coffee Kerfuffle

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As Don mentioned earlier today, the Post has put up their article talking with Nick Cho and David Flynn from Murky who were involved in the incident. Largely, the Post is letting the story from Jeff Simmermon’s blog tell the series of events, but there’s also a conversation between the Post’s Joe Heim and Cho & Flynn.

The funny part, I guess, is that Flynn’s the one with the story, but he’s never gotten to tell it. Not even to the Post.

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3 thoughts on “The final word on the Coffee Kerfuffle

  1. I just read the story online and was not impressed. I too would have liked to hear from David. I don’t think there was any insight offered in the article at all. It wasn’t poorly written but did not dig deeply into any of the issues of customer service vs. adherence to standards of quality.

    Worst of all, the author missed a wonderful opportunity to mention and link to That’s the real tragedy of all this!