Was This a Diner Once?

GW Hall One
On the ground floor of GWU HOVA there is this checkerboard-tiled establishment which sits sadly empty and unused. It looks like it might have once been a 1950s diner; could some enterprising restaurant management grad make it one again?

Roving Asian mendicant, can occasionally be seen wandering the streets of downtown Washington, muttering unintelligible gibberish to passers-by while pushing a “bag lady” shopping cart full of old blankets, American flags, soda cans, and healthy secondhand snacks from organic food shop dumpsters. Used to live in a cardboard box at 16th and K but the rent was too expensive.

5 thoughts on “Was This a Diner Once?

  1. What I don’t get is why resaurants like the “Silver Diner” and “City Diner” (on King Street in Bailey’s Crossroads), don’t attact classic car clubs.

    I come from Reno, NV where once a year Hot August Nights (http://www.hotaugustnights.net/) takes over the entire cities of Reno and Sparks (the equivalent of Alexandria and Arlington, where one ends and the other begins you can’t tell) and it becomes one big giant classic car cruise.

    I would like to see more classic “Show ‘n Shines” out here at places like this.

    Is there anything like this that happens here?

    It would be nice if it did to see some hot rods and eat some old fashioned food.

  2. Before it was a dorm, that building was a Howard Johnson’s – I’m sure they ran a HJ restaurant there before GW purchased the building.

  3. Indeed it was a diner. I remember eating there with friends when we were all interns living in rented GW dorm rooms during the summer of 1994. I’m pretty sure they changed the branding of the restaurant before the building was sold to GW.