Four Mile Run Stream Full of Shit Again

Another sewage spill into Four Mile Run Stream. This seems to happen every few months. What the heck is going on and why can’t Arlington’s seem to fix the real problem here?

From Arlington County Alert:

A sewage spill into Four Mile Run Stream near Westover Park is affecting waters and parks all the way to the Potomac. Residents are advised not to fish in or have any contact with the waters – including wading or swimming – until further notice.

So it’s not even safe to swim or wade in shitty water? Thanks, Arlington County, for telling me not to wade into sewage but not fixing a repeat problem.

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One thought on “Four Mile Run Stream Full of Shit Again

  1. Thanks for bringing this up, Carl.

    I wrote Arlington County on Thursday and asked similar questions. Here’s what they had to say:

    “Thank you for your email. County staff believes the source of this morning’s release of wastewater into a tributary of Four Mile Run (near Westover Park) was dumping from a portable lavatory cleanout service truck into a storm drain based on the odor and color of the discharge. At this time, it is unknown whether the dumping was accidental or intentional. Arlington County Fire Department with assistance from the Water, Sewer, Streets, Bureau are investigating the incident and trying to track the source. Samples have been taken for chemical analysis. No leaks in the sanitary sewer system in this area have been found. Staff from Water, Sewer, Streets, Bureau have used a vactor truck to remove as much of the wastewater from the stream as possible.

    “Arlington County is urging residents to please report any dumping or suspicious activity near storm drains or streams by calling 703-558-2222 or 911. For more information about stream pollution and reporting please visit:

    Perhaps what Arlington needs is a public awareness campaign – “Keep the Crap out of our Creek.”