Berwyn Heights Insanity

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Photo shamelessly cropped from the Post’s Lois Raimondo

By now, I’m sure you’ve seen the crazy story out of Berwyn Heights. No? Well, someone mailed the Mayor’s wife 32 pounds of weed, which caused a SWAT team to magically appear, bust down his door, shoot his dogs, and handcuff everyone for a bit.

Let’s stop this for a moment. They shot his labradors. They busted down the mayor’s door. Why the hell did you need a SWAT team for this? That’s what I can’t figure out. I mean, he’s the mayor. He probably knows the Chief of Police for Berwyn Heights. They probably hang out at the same barbeques and shit. Did you need to break down his door, catch the mayor in his undies, kill his dogs and then really wreck everyone’s day?

Couldn’t you have just called him up, said, “Hey, we’re coming by, we have a warrant to search your place,” and then sent in a team of uniforms? Did you think they had a bunch of AKs in there, too? And that maybe the Mayor would put on a suicide vest or some shit?

Man. Talk about your misuse of force.

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5 thoughts on “Berwyn Heights Insanity

  1. Nothing surrounding the War on Some Drugs is surprising any more, and no amount of force seems too excessive in their persecution of that war.

  2. Radley has for years covered the “shoot the dog” mentality of these SWAT teams.

  3. Wasn’t the town’s police force that did it…PG County cops didn’t even check in with the town’s chief before they got all jacked up on testosterone and “24″ reruns and went in guns blazing.

  4. if you read the article, you’d know that it wasn’t the town sheriff that busted down his door, it was county sheriffs. So no, the county sheriff probably doesn’t have any BBQs with a part-time mayor of a municipality.