DC Print Media: Alive and Well

Newspaper boxes stretching from Dupont Circle to the Balitmore Sun

Newspaper boxes stretching from Dupont Circle to the Balitmore Sun

I’m sitting here in Dupont Circle looking at the newspaper stand and I’m amazed at the plethora of print available to the interested reader. Just on this side of the block alone, we have 15 different periodicals to choose from. Everything from the Wall Street Journal, to the Falls Church News-Press, to The Creek (a fiercely independent newspaper), to Bash Magazine (a monthly comic alternative).

All these paper-media options tells me that while we at WeLoveDC embrace the Internets, there’s still much offline reading going on.

It also indicates that there is strong competition to the Washington City Paper’s dominance of local alternative news. With Politico, The Examiner, and the Express, WCP no longer rules the free weekly roost like it did in the 90′s.

But it does make me wonder: what’s your free newspaper paper choice?

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6 thoughts on “DC Print Media: Alive and Well

  1. I’m a little biased towards Express since they’ve quoted my blog, but I picked up a copy of Bash yesterday and really liked the content. Since a lot of the news-centric free dailies are more or less “yesterday’s news” I really just get them for the comics or puzzles. Most of the stories they report on, I’ve already seen online or on tv by that morning.

  2. I often will grab them all before getting on the metro. It’s fun to see The Examiner’s conservative bias.