Will There Be Charges?

The Bay Bridge accident this weekend that sent a semi into the Chesapeake and has wrought havoc on the pair of spans, claimed one life and put three others in the hospital, seems to be the fault of a driver who fell asleep at the wheel. Candy Baldwin has admitted that that she fell asleep at the wheel early in the morning, and witnesses saw a car matching the description of her Camaro cross over center into the path of the truck that later plummeted into the Chesapeake.

Will there be charges for Ms. Baldwin? I dunno. Probably should be, for the death of the trucker who wasn’t able to maneuver his rig out of the way of her sleepy driving, probably for the cost of the police response, probably for the cost of keeping the bridge down to one span for the duration of the repair.

But will there be? No one’s said.

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One thought on “Will There Be Charges?

  1. I think they will finish investigating before they bring charges. No hurry – there is a nice long statue of limitations on vehicular manslaughter.

    Unfortunately it won’t bring the truck driver back.