Steps to Nationals Stadium Disgrace

Nationals Stadium Stairs - Already Crumbling

Nationals Stadium Stairs - Already Crumbling

Look at the close-up of these stairs. Note the grip tape at the edge of the steps is already almost gone. And that the star itself has a large crack in it. These would be Nationals Stadium stairs. Wait, let me describe them better:

These are $611 million dollar stairs less than an year old. And they’re already falling apart.

Now you know why the Lerners are withholding payments from the city. I wouldn’t pay a builder if their work was this bad too. I would pay for better shoes though – that would be a whole other stadium attendee.

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5 thoughts on “Steps to Nationals Stadium Disgrace

  1. While the stadium design is fantastic, I’ve always thought the choice of concrete for everything was a poor decision. As can be seen with other such structures (the J. Edgar Hoover Building on Pennsylvania Avenue NW and the The Third Church of Christ, Scientist on 16th Street NW) show that concrete buildings just don’t hold up for long and are expensive to maintain.

    That cracks are already starting to show is really not that much of a surprise.

  2. this crack is typical in concrete; nothing new here. but the tape was probably require by some dumbass city inspector due to very rushed construction….trust me.

    Clark is a competitor of mine and i still think they did a great job on this ballpark considering who they were working for (DC). you want to point fingers, start with the city and their moronic (i’m being nice here) goons of program managers, these people have no business handling construction projects.

  3. From my architecture school days, this is a lawsuit waiting to happen. If the designer specified something different than the builder built, the builder is at fault. There are probably millions of pages of change orders associated with this.

    Concrete, however, does crack. THe question is, how much cracking is occuring and is any of it structural in nature?

    And I agree with the dude on tape thing. That’s just lame inspectors.

  4. Whether the tape was their idea or not, failing to keep it up or scrape the remnants off makes it look like shit.