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Royal Oak – Superb bitter from England
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Check out this incredibly bitter editiorial in Today’s Post concerning the American electorate:

We’re stupid: “But by every measure social scientists have devised, voters are spectacularly uninformed. They don’t follow politics, and they don’t know how their government works.”

Neither Liberals nor Conservatives are all that smart: “But a 2007 Pew survey found that the knowledge level of viewers of the right-wing, blustery “The O’Reilly Factor” and the left-wing, snarky “The Daily Show” is comparable, with about 54 percent of the shows’ politicized viewers scoring in the “high knowledge” category.”

We’re Gullible: “Many social scientists have long tried to downplay the ignorance of voters, arguing that the mental “short cuts” voters use to make up for their lack of information work pretty well. But the evidence from the past few years proves that a majority can easily be bamboozled.”

So, really, it doesn’t look to good for us, this November, does it? Or is Dr. Shenkman just trying to present the worse case scenario so we’ll buy his new book on how stupid we are?

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