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HR 6691. Learn the number. It’s going to be a Thing™. It’s the NRA-backed bill in the House designed to torpedo the District’s new version of the law that ended up overturned by the Supreme Court. It’s got a Lengthy list of co-sponsors from both Republicans and Democrats. The NRA is threatening to withhold sponsorship from anyone who dares not sign onto their effort to strip the Registration requirement and the bar on semi-automatic pistols in the District.

Oy. Look, we know the City Council blew it with their new version of the law, which seems to be in direct countervention to the Supreme Court’s direction in Heller, but did you need to get all micro-manage-y on us? Of course, in response, Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton has proposed her own compromise and it might make it to the floor before HR 6691.

The message to take home here is: “Hey Congress, you don’t live here, get the hell out of our politics.”

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2 thoughts on “More Gun Choices

  1. It’s really hard to be behind the DC government on this when they have acted so completely and disingenuously in opposition to the law of the land – bad decision or not.

    To some extent Congress is doing the citizens a favor – moronic and illegal decisions keep costing the city money and if they nip this bit of dissent in the bud now at least the next imminent money-costing lawsuit becomes moot.