Another Downtown Building: Gone!

washington dc by wayan
Photo by Wayan

Did anyone else notice that we have another gap in the downtown skyline? 800 17th Street NW is no longer.

I remember a Riggs Bank, back when we had Riggs Banks, and a luggage store on the 17th Street side. Do you have memories of what is now gone?

Looking forward, what might be the new building? A twin of the glass and steel replacement now on the far side of 17th? Or something with a little more soul?

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4 thoughts on “Another Downtown Building: Gone!

  1. Do you maybe mean 800 (not 1800) 17th St.? 1800 would be at 17th and S, but 800 is at H Street. I’v been like a little kid walking by the construction site at 17th and H: they left a large “window” so you could see the Big Trucks working. I’ll also be glad when the glass building is done across the street so we can actually have that sidewalk back for pedestrians.

  2. Woops, you are right Kate, its 800 17th Street NW. I’ll change the post.

    Good to hear there are peepholes in the fence, I too love to see all the Big Trucks. My current favorite construction site is the new GW building on Washington Circle. They are still digging down!

  3. I walk by there every day on my way to and from work. Yeah. there have been two buildings in the area torn down this summer. On the corner of Conn and 18th there was a building torn down as well.