CNN: Lost on Upper 16th Street

That's no where near downtown DC

That's no where near downtown DC

Are you watching CNN’s coverage of the “grenade like device” that DC police are responding to at 16th and Kennedy Street NW? If so, do you note the many errors in their report?

  1. 16th and Kennedy is not “downtown”, its 16th Street Heights and no where near the White House
  2. 16th and Kennedy is no where near the Egyptian Embassy, which is over by Van Ness
  3. Last but not least, I doubt there is an emergency at all – if DC Alert hasn’t sent at least a dozen texts about it, does it exist?

If you want the facts, try Fox News (did I just write that?). They have the park police reporting a suspicious package in the north playing field of Morrow Drive at Carter Barron.

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